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  1. Спасибо =М=, слов нет после такого матча. Поздравляем!
  2. =VNVV=Stoyanov & JGzbV_Manni vs. 16. =M=Firefighter & =M=Nag 26.12.2010 22MSK view Stoyanov =VNVV=Stoyanov & JGzbV_Manni vs.=M=Firefighter & =M=Nag .rar
  3. =VNVV=Stoyanov & JGzbV_Manni vs =RP=Rama&=RP=S.I.A. view Stoyanov =VNVV=Stoyanov & JGzbV_Manni vs =RP=Rama&=RP=S.I.A.rar
  4. =VNVV=Stoyanov & JGzbV_Manni vs. =GOVP=Semyon & =GOVP=Lelik view stoyanov =VNVV=Stoyanov & JGzbV_Manni vs. =GOVP=Semyon & =GOVP=Lelik.rar
  5. There is no place for irony, Moris, everyone here knows that you are better then us.. This is a championship, and we did what we had to do to secure the win (we were arguing on TS what to do and choosed to fly 2vs1), if you want a revenge you can kick our asses any time, just call us, but its not likely to happen because we are bellow your level right ? Best regards!
  6. =VNVV=Stoyanov & JGzbV_Manni vs =FB=Arhangel & =fb=Moris 21.12.2010 21:30MSK View: Stoyanov =VNVV=Stoyanov & JGzbV_Manni vs =FB=Arhangel & =fb=Moris.rar
  7. спасибо тоже! у нас била очень плохая стрелба... удачи!
  8. =VNVV=Stoyanov & JGzbV_Manni vs 154_Wolf & 154_Max =VNVV=Stoyanov & JGzbV_Manni vs 154_Wolf & 154_Max .rar
  9. =VNVV=Stoyanov_&_JGzbV_Manni vs 16GvIAP_Dem & 16GvIAP_Al_Capone 08.12.2010 21:30MSK view Stoyanov 1_stoyanov.rar 2_stoyanov.rar 3_stoyanov.rar
  10. =VNVV=Stoyanov_&_Jgzbv_Manni vs MASTER_&_SS 02.12.2010 21.30 вид из кабины =VNVV=Stoyanov 1_stoyanov.rar 2_stoyanov.rar
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