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изменения в караплях -

The Apocalypse gains +5tf, +1000mw and +1500 capacitor capacity. The capacitor capacity ship bonus has been replaced by a 7.5% bonus to large energy turret optimal range per Amarr Battleship skill level.

The Omen and Zealot now have 5 turret slots (+1 turret).

The Moa and Eagle now have 5 turret slots (+1 turret).

The Ferox now has 6 turret slots (+1 turret) and 1075mw (+75mw).

The Raptor now has 3 turret slots (+1 turret) and loses 4mw.

Jump freighters skill now adds 5% agility instead of 5% velocity per level.

Jump freighter bonus to hull hit points has been extended to also add the same bonus to armor and shield.

Jump freighter base cargo capacity has been increased by 25%.

Error in which a ship would be left in space even after it was destroyed has been corrected.

оригинал тут - http://myeve.eve-online.com/updates/patchnotes.asp

Ослабили резисты кораблям,

что еще интересного -

Amarr cosmos agents now offer 2-run Apocalypse Navy Issue Blueprint copies (as opposed to 1 run previously).

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